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Microsoft Exchange Services wont start after reboot

Sometime after a reboot you can notice all of the Microsoft Exchange Services do not started automatically . But if you go to server manager or services and start the pending services they start without fail. Easy way to do it after Microsoft Exchange 2016 reboot is just run the following script.

Get-Service *Exchange* | Start-Service

But you don’t want to start the services which are set to Start Manual or get a lot or warning service already started.. so lets add some steps to the above mentioned .

Get-Service *Exchange* | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "Stopped" -and $_.StartType -eq "Automatic"} | Start-Service

Above line will check all Microsoft Exchange Services and check stopped services with startup type set to automatic . Next it send the output to Start-Service Cmdlet.




IT Infrastructure Specialist , Open-source enthusiast

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Affan Javid

Affan Javid

IT Infrastructure Specialist , Open-source enthusiast

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