Google Domain DDNS Raspberry Pi or Linux Systems

Google Domain DDNS Raspberry Pi or Linux SystemsGoogle domains provide excellent Dynamic DNS services free with the hosting for IPv4 and IPv6. In case you have a small web service hosted using dynamic dns this tool can be very helpful for setting up low cost hosting in few minutes. Most of the common Broadband routers these days support on TZO or which are paid services of Create the port forwarding for your broadband or DSL routers to your LAN device IP and the follow the steps.

after successful installation of ddclient edit the configuration file at /etc/ddclient.conf in your favorite editor

Protocol is used as

for other dynamic dns servers but for google

works not the first one. its important to set option

if this option is not set the ddclient will take the local interface ip instead of the actual IP address of your broadband WAN interface.

Once configuration is done save the file and restart the client .

To verify the setup and ip run the following command.

Match the output ip with your google domain console.

Originally published at on August 8, 2018.



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